Ms. Florence Iweha

Florence Iweha, a seasoned business and executive manager, boasts over 9 years of distinguished experience across diverse industries such as Health Care, Audit and Accounting, Education, Banking, Real Estate, Oil and Gas, and Tech – ICT. Her professional journey reflects a proven track record in navigating Microsoft Office Suites, fostering seamless customer relations, implementing effective human resources strategies, and excelling in C-Suite executive management. Florence’s expertise extends to consistently optimizing business operations, showcasing strategic planning acumen, crafting compelling content, driving sales excellence, and delivering captivating pitch presentations, highlighting her multifaceted skill set.

With an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of professional decorum, Florence emerges as a valuable asset. Her practical insights, honed through hands-on involvement in diverse sectors, underscore her adeptness at navigating complex business landscapes. Holding degrees in English Language from the prestigious University of Ibadan and in Office Technology Management from Yaba College of Technology, Florence emphasizes continuous academic and professional enrichment, demonstrating a dedication to staying at the forefront of industry trends. Currently serving as the Business Operations Manager for Datashpir Solutions Limited, Florence seamlessly combines her seasoned experience with a commitment to ongoing learning, making her a dynamic and valuable contributor in her role.