Mr. Mohammed Mahmud

Mohammed Mahmud is a software engineer boasting a career spanning over 25 years in IT consultancy. His extensive expertise encompasses the orchestration of IT policy strategies for prominent governmental and private entities. Prior to establishing an ICT consulting firm with partners in 2006, Mahmud held the role of systems administrator at the Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund throughout its operational tenure.

With a portfolio showcasing the successful deployment of myriad applications leveraging web development and desktop programming frameworks, Mahmud has been driving technological advancements across diverse corporate and governmental sectors.

His influence extends beyond purely technical realms, having served as the technical advisor to the Honourable Minister of Education. Mahmud’s impact reverberated through his former roles as a board member of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and a council member of the Computer Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN).

Notably, Mahmud contributed significantly to the Federal Ministry of Education’s Covid-19 ICT Emergency Response Team and as coordinator on the National Digital Learning Policy Committee. His dedication further manifested in his tenure as a UBEC Smart Schools Project Implementation Task Team member. Presently, Mahmud is the head of the Technical Services Unit of the UBEC Digital Resource Centre.